I care for our home!

Do you do aswell?

Humanity is currently emitting around 1.300 tons of carbon emission per second. At this rate it will only take us

to deplete our CO2 budget to stay under 2°C of average temperature rise around the globe

We just witnessed the warmest years in a long time





These years, you will certainly still have in good memory, are the four warmest years on record in the modern era and there is no sign of stopping soon…

Humans are emitting more carbon than ever before

Never before have we emitted more green house gases like carbon into the air. In 2017 we put out a total of 36.15 billion tons of CO² and other carbon emissions with China taking up almost 10 billion tons…

It is getting a lot warmer

Since 1850 the average global temperature has risen by about 1°C. Half of that occurred within the last 30 years alone…

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